12 Fun Ways To Burn 100 Calories

12 fun ways to burn 100 calories

The great people at Chobani have shared this super-interesting infographic with me to share with you.

Now Chobani is one of my all-time favourite yoghurts. Why? Because it’s high in protein and low in fat – win, win! It keeps you fuller for longer and, of course, it tastes great too!

The great point in this image is that exercise doesn’t have to be hard work, it doesn’t have to be unenjoyable. Remember the old saying, “if you love what you do then you never have to work a day in your life”? Well it’s the same with weight loss, if you love how you lose weight then you won’t struggle to keep it off.. forever! And that’s exactly what I show people how to do in my Love Your Weight Loss system.


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