25 Easy Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Use Today

25 easy weight loss tips everyone can use today

25 Easy Weight Loss Tips Everyone Can Use Today


25 easy weight loss tips everyone can use today

25 easy weight loss tips everyone can use today


  1.  Want to know how much weight you can lose in a week?  How long is a piece of string! lol!! Ok so if you have a LOT to lose (i.e. you are over 100kg) then you can lose more weight more easily (so even up to 4kg / week!!! – without going overboard in terms of food or exercise!) Experts recommend .5 to 1 kg per week. I lost weight at 1.4kg per week. A university of Adelaide study from couple of years ago showed that people who lost weight at 1.5kg / week were the most successful because it was fast enough to keep them motivated but not so fast as to be unsustainable. However, the thing is, the scales can fluctuate by up to 2kg every day… then there’s women’s cycles, what you drink, eat (1 g of carbs needs 3 g of water to store it in the body), things like Nurofen etc also affect scales (there’s a video on this in lywl). So you don’t want to be too hung up on the scales… your clothes are probably the BEST indication of weight loss… especially if you are you are building muscle through exercise when you lose weight because the same size bit of muscle is 3 times heavier than the same size bit of fat!
  2.  Don’t feel hungry?   Two reasons for this: 1. you don’t eat enough (and so you metabolism has dropped). 2. You don’t do enough strength training (aka build more muscle) so you will burn more fuel and you will lose weight even though you are eating more
  3. Think of spending your calories like money. You need to do some-calorie saving NOW so you can spend it later on (e.g. on Christmas day). e.g.: on Friday we went out for a steak. Normally I would have a large rib fillet but instead I ordered a small eye fillet (eye fillets have less fat). Another great tip is when you go grocery shopping to buy whatever treats you would normally buy but instead of taking them home then pop them in the food charity bin (hopefully there is one right outside your grocery store… if not then this won’t work so well in case you take it home and do eat it). The great thing about the ‘charity’ strategy is that it is (obviously) it helps people who are less fortunate than you and don’t have the problem of over-eating because they can’t afford to buy food everyday! Plus, it makes you feel good (doing something good for someone else often does) PLUS if you have kids then explaining to them how they are going to forego their treats at home this week (aka so they won’t be in the house to tempt you either) so that some other kid can have a treat is a great strategy for teaching your kids compassion etc… (and also weaning them off junk food)
  4. The way to avoid loose skin is to strength train and vary your exercises as much as possible. That’s it. Certainly if you lose weight too fast you are bound to have lose skin …but… don’t let your fear of having lose skin become an excuse for losing weight too slowly. Losing weight too slowly (and by losing weight I mean the changes that occur in your clothes, not necessarily on the scales) can mean that people become de-motivated (because tangible results are a great motivator)…
  5. My new oats recipe: TODAY: cut a wedge of pumpkin (preferably organic as it generally tastes better) and pop it in the microwave for about 2 – 3 mins (until cooked through). Put on a plate in the fridge. TOMORROW: measure out your usual portion of oats (I have about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of Goodness Superfoods Barley and Oats) and add water / milk and cook in microwave (aka as per normal). Then take the oats out of the microwave and stir through the cold pumpkin (discarding the hard edge bits). Then add almond meal, nutmeg and cinnamon (not cinnamon sugar obviously!). You will LOVE it! (Ok I love it… if you like Pumpkin Pie you’ll love it!)
  6. [READ THIS!] “The Antidote” by Oliver Burkeman. It’s called “a bracing detox for the self-help junkie” aka happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking… it’s all about a lot of the bs that you’ve been told works for weight loss (and other self-help type stuff)… but actually doesn’t work in the vast majority of cases!
  7. HAVE YOU DONE A ‘KOLBE’? Someone once said to me that I must have done a lot of work on myself (my mindset) when I was losing weight. And I did – but nothing formal. Most of the mindset changes come through discovering new ways to weight loss and LOSING THE WEIGHT!!! (That’s why you see people who have gastric by-pass surgery still struggling so much with their mindset and then, of course, often gaining a heap of weight again – even though they can only eat little tiny bits of stuff through the day … but don’t get me started on one of my favourite pet peeves. Anyway, I have done a lot of mindset work on myself since then and one of the most valuable things I have done is a KOLBE test. A Kolbe test is NOT a personality test – it’s a measure of how you best use your energy, how you work the best. The result is so individual that only about 5% of the population will have the same result as you.  I REALLY recommend you do this.  Let me know your number when you have so we can use it to help you lose weight even more effectively!Think these tips sound
  8. EUREKA!!! Oysters are a top food for weight loss (at only 80 calories for a dozen, no carbs, loads of iron and zinc etc).. but the cost can be a big prohibitive. Smoked oysters in oil are ok… but, of course, they are in oil. I just found these in Woolworths (smoked oyster in spring water!). I am in love!!! (Ok ALDI has had similar products in for a while but they aren’t always in stock)
  9. Common / traditional “wisdom” (which is often wrong) tells us to work on our weaknesses. Contemporary thinking is more to ‘maximise’ our strengths to achieve better results. Everyone struggles with the ‘what is your secret weight loss weapon question’ when they begin. But, by now, I think everyone should be able to identify at least 6 (but hopefully 10) things they do well in terms of weight loss. So this week 1. Identify your weapons (share with group). 2. Pick one or two of those weapons and really work to make the most of them (e.g. if you are a regular exerciser then amp this up and get more bang for your buck out of your sessions – i.e. stop doing the same thing over and over again, add tempo changes, intra-rep pages, time under tension, isometric holds or any of the other cool things you learn as the weeks go by in Love Your Weight Loss). 3. Share what you are doing each day with the group!
  10. Exercise!!!! Now, I’ve said this before (but just a reminder)… becoming a regular exerciser is one of the characteristics of people in the National Weight Control Registry (the data base of people who have lost over 13kg and kept it off for years)… Now the EASIEST way in the world to chart your exercise is via the Exercise Effort Level scale in your food and exercise diary… It’s simply the number of minutes you exercise for each day x your self-rated exercise level. Here’s the thing… you can do a short amount of time (e.g. 20 mins) at 9 / 10 exercise level (if you a fit enough) and you’ll end up with 180 for your exercise effort score for the day. BUT – if you aren’t that fit yet then chances are you’ll hate what you do when you exercise and you’ll probably end up injured (and I know you’ve pretty much all been down that personal trainer-type route before)… OR… you can do a bit longer (e.g. 30 mins) at 6/10 exercise level and you still end up with the same exercise effort score for the day (180). So, this week, I want you to post everyday EXACTLY what you do for your exercise AND for how long AND your self-rated exercise level AND your exercise effort level for the day. EG: 20 mins indoor rowing machine (min stroke per min of 30, level 8 on rower) at 8/10 exercise effort level = 160 exercise effort level for the day OR 90 mins bush walk at 6/10 effort level = 520 exercise effort level for the day. So, you pick! What exercise is going to fit best with your lifestyle (which can change from one day to the next) and your psychology or mood (which can change umpteen times a day sometimes – lol!). Some days you feel like taking it easy, and have the time to do it for longer. Some days you feel like going really hard (because you are really stressed or angry or something) and so you don’t need (physically) to do it for so long… but psychologically you might need to do it for longer to work out all your ‘stuff’ … that’s fine to go longer (lol).
  11. The trick is to make one new habit at a time and to make it REALLY stick! If it’s only ‘half-stuck’ then it will fall off when the going gets tough (like a post-it note or something!) You probably THINK it is slower to do it that way.. but it isn’t. It’s faster in the end because you don’t have to go back and keep re-sticking things that weren’t stuck properly the first time. The only other way to make something stick faster is to actually make it impossible for you to do it / or not do it. Eg if you want to eat more vegetables.. then ONLY fill your fridge with vegetables (and nothing else) and lock yourself in so you can’t eat anything else and turn off all your phone / internet etc (so you can’t order home delivery) and tell your friends not to visit unless they bring your vegetables etc etc etc… So that can be quite unrealistic!! lol!! But, you can make things as impossible as they possibly be so that it makes it a whole heap easier on yourself (e.g. engineering your environment – physical and psychological). Leo Babauta elucidates the benefits of starting small – and then gradually building on this – in The Power of Less: The Six Essential Productivity Principles That Will Change Your Life. Babauta explains that this step-by-step approach makes things easier to handle, and helps you make lasting changes that yield successful results. Most importantly, it helps sustain your interest in the task at hand: “By starting out doing less than you can actually handle, you build up energy and enthusiasm, kind of like water building up behind a dam. That built-up energy and enthusiasm ensures that you don’t run out of steam early on, but can keep going for much longer” I would say that the reason that you struggle with habits when ‘everyday stress’ arises is because of that… ok, if you are going through mega-mega-mega stressful periods then (realistically) some things might slip… but, again, if you do it this way then usually not too many things slip and they don’t slip for very long either! Plus (in the mega-mega-mega stressful times) you will probably end up coming up with more ways to lose weight that you haven’t thought of before (because you have a new set of circumstances to cope with) and then (once the mega-mega-mega stressful period is over) you have even more tools in your weight loss kit. Does that make sense? (Sorry realistic weight loss isn’t really all that sexy.. it’s just real!) lol
  12. [MEMBER TIP!] I love to sprinkle cayenne pepper on roasted pumpkin,parsnip,carrot and sweet potato little sprayed with olive oil. Eating the left overs cold the next day is yummy to. It’s great to add spice and a bit of heat to food.  [MY COMMENT!] The cayenne pepper on the veggies is a GREAT idea (if you like spicy stuff) because a. you are getting more veggies and b. cayenne pepper (like all spicy foods) is thermogenic (so it increases your body temp and so you burn more calories
  13. I forgot to say to you on the phone MEMBER X (everyone MEMBER X has a son who needs to gain weight so there is a lot of weight-gaining food in her house.. think biscuits, cakes etc)… stock up on the things that HE likes but YOU don’t (if possible). Eg, if we have people over for a BBQ or something casual then I always put out chilli flavoured potato chips because I don’t like chilli and thus I will not eat them. So…what does he like, but you don’t????
  14. [SALLY RECIPE]:My Beetroot Cacao Chia Protein Balls (as per your request Patty)…. ok so I’ve been making these for a few weeks now.. each time they are a little bit different.. depending on what’s in the cupboard…This week:(Also keep in mind these measurements are guesstimates as I don’t usually measure when I cook.. I just throw everything in).1/2 cup cacao4 mejool dates1 avocado1/2 cup almond meal1/3 cup chia seeds1/3 cup Bioglan Superfoods Beetroot Powder

    1.5 scoops Urban Muscle vanilla protein powder

    3 tabs organic vanilla essence…

    1/2 teas cinnamon

    Mix all together (hands do it best)… Then pop in mini muffin papers and put in the freezer to enjoy during the week. NB: Tip: When you make treats like this for yourself make them in different sizes.. sometimes you only want a quick ‘something sweet’ after a meal.. but other times you need a full-on-sit-down pick me up with a good cup of tea (i.e. a bigger ball!)

    NB: This was the first time that I added the Beetroot Powder.. I really like my chocolate beetroot cake so I thought that I would try it … it makes them really quite sweet (in a good-for-you way!).. I think you could also use grated beetroot..I might try that next week…

  15. [MEMBER RECIPE]: I bought a slow cooker today (finally!!) and wanted to test it out so I chuckled a bunch of veggies I had (broccoli, carrot, zucchini, tomato, red lentils, onion and green cabbage) with some chicken stock, paprika and turmeric. Took it out and mixed it with some cottage cheese and a little bit of sunpork shredded low fat beef. TBH I wasn’t expecting it to taste good at all but mmmmm it’s so yummy!!
  16. [A SAMPLE WEEKLY CHALLENGE – we have one every week!]Your Exercise Experiment!!! So every Sunday morning I like to go to a remedial Pilates class. It’s essentially a great mobilisation class, lots of stretches, really relaxing and a great way to wake up. Often I will then go and do some actual exercise afterwards (i.e. it’s a great warm up). Anyway, on Sunday I decided to wear my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I actually burnt while doing it. I knew it wouldn’t be many. I would have said about 175 calories max (it goes for an hour). Turns out it was 83. Anyway, then I wore my heart rate monitor and I jumped on my rowing machine. It took about 13 mins to burn the same number of calories (I wasn’t rowing all that hard either). So, you know how I always say “Before you eat ask yourself if it’s really worth it?” ? Well I think you can do the same for exercise! I would like you to design an experiment for yourself which enables you to weigh up the physical versus the psychological impact of two or more particular exercises. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor then that is fine… you can calculate your burn here: http://www.nutristrategy.com/caloriesburned.htm (or a host of various sites like this). Then, work out what is best for you when you consider the physical and the psychological impact.Eg, based on the above figures for myself… if I wanted to burn 250 calories in a week then I would easily go to 3 remedial Pilates classes. It would give me 3 hours of ‘me’ time (relaxation) and I could manage to fit that into my schedule (i.e. I would MAKE time for it!). However, if I wanted to burn 250 calories in A DAY then I would just row for 36 minutes instead!So, for you to do TODAY:
    1. Design your experiment (e.g. it might be how to burn 100 calories in 3 different ways… something like that… it’s your experiment!)
    2. Share it with the group.

    For you to do THIS WEEK:

    1. Do the experiment
    2. Repeat and re-try and experiment with a few variations of it so you can be sure that your results are accurate
  17. “Healthy” versus “good for weight loss”. I Mejool date = 66 calories, 98% of it sugar (carbs). (Remember your body can’t burn fat while it’s burning sugar). Compare this to 1 x Luken and May chocolate hazelnut butterburst biscuit… 24 calories, 1.2 g fat, less than 3 g carbs, about 1/2 gram protein. What do you think? Does that make sense to you???
  18. New training songs! I’ve just updated my IPOD… some good (powerful) songs to train to: “I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”, “Simply the Best” and Etta James “I Just Want to Make Love To You” (mainly because I’ve decided I want an Alfa Romeo so a hot Italian guy can come and visit me in the mid afternoon while my husband is at work…well only in my dreams anyway!) lol
  19. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got”. This phrase has rung in my ears over and over again over the past week as I’ve been dealing with a wealth of new coaching clients and seen people over and over again thinking that they know what healthy meals are or they know the best kind of exercise to lose weight. Sometimes people think they ‘know’ but just say they struggle to ‘do’. Sometimes that is true. But equally often it is the case that people think they are eating well for weight loss (and they aren’t) and they they think they are doing effective exercise for weight loss (and it’s no where near as effective as they think it is – or that it can be). So this week I want you to actively chart in the group what specific Love Your Weight Loss recipes and exercises that you do. It’s not just a mindset program you know!!! (Tip: some of the best ‘super slimming recipes’ are: Crab and Egg White Omelette, Spanish Omelette, Spinach and Ricotta Bake, Truffle Eggs, Vegemite Egg Whites, Broccoli and Turkey Salad, Detox Salad, Pizza Soup, Prawn and Miso Soup, Sally’s Signature****, Spicy Tomato Crab, Spinach, Eggs and Almond Salad, Trout and Spinach Stir Though, Vegetable Stack, Chicken Bolognese, Cottage Cheese Meatloaf, One Pot Tuna, Savoury Not-Mince, Warm Bacon and Egg Salad, Bacon and Barley Soup, BLT Soup). Which ones have you tried so far? Which ones are you going to try this week? **** Sally’s Signature – this is about 99 recipes in one so I want to see the variations that you do!!!
  20. THINK / FEEL / DO: At any point in our lives we are doing three things: thinking, feeling, doing. Sometimes it’s easier to change what you do to change what you think, sometimes it’s easier to change what you think to change what you do. However, changing how you FEEL is often the hardest. This week I want you to think about what you need to change how you FEEL about something in relation to your weight loss (and, of course, think or do sometimes that will facilitate the process). Eg, I used to HATE exercise. So I did a bit of it.. but not too much… (With exercise I like to say ‘leave yourself wanting more so you will find yourself going back for seconds.. again and again and again’). Gradually I started to change how I thought about exercise (i.e. it wasn’t just the devil’s work and not ALL people who exercised weren’t idiots..) and until I changed how I FELT about it (to love it!). People such as Patty have been through the same process (she confessed she missed exercised a few weeks ago when the doctor’s told her that she couldn’t exercise for a while because of a medical issue). Now, for you, your challenge is this week. 1. Share what you HATE or really DISLIKE or really NEED TO CHANGE (something that is negatively impacting on your weight loss). 2. Comment on what other people in the group’s HATES / DISLIKES / NEED TO CHANGES are if you have been through them yourself and have a strategy that might work for them. 3. Map out what you are going to DO or THINK THIS WEEK to try to change how you FEEL about your big issue (and keep in mind that it might take longer than a week to change so we might keep this challenge going simultaneously with next week’s as well). 4. DO / THINK the things you have planned to make the changes in how you FEEL. (And let us all know when you have done them – even the tiny moments – so we can cheer you on to keep going!). Let me know if you can’t follow what you have to do or need further clarification!!!
  21. Fantastic dessert idea from Morocco…. Slice oranges and then sprinkle with cinnamon. You won’t believe how great this tastes!
  22. [BEHAVIOURAL GOALS] I’ve said over and over again that I’m not a big fan of goals (in the traditional sense of the word). Traditionally, goals mean numbers for weight loss (e.g. 1 kg loss in a week). This path not only leads to quick fixes, short cuts and short term solutions and encourages cheating etc.. it is also discouraging and demoralising and unsustainable. Behavioural goals (where your goal is a change in your behaviour) actually work so much better.
  23. “Did you know that you are drinking the equivalent of a day and a half worth of extra calories every week… just by your ‘moderate’ alcohol consumption”…. Sally’s tough love comment to a member who was bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t losing weight fast enough!
  24. Another Moroccan goodie… Moroccan ‘scotch’ …. Green tea with mint. Delicious and healthy!!!
  25. The Power of Saying ‘No’ for Successful Weight Loss‘No’ can often be a difficult word to say, even if part of us really, really wants to – and this is especially true when it comes to weight loss. Think back over your previous weight loss attempts – I’m almost certain you can name several occasions when you’ve felt pressured into saying ‘yes’, either by those around you or by that nagging inner voice. The dinner party where you’ve politely accepted dessert even though you think you should skip it; the scary exercise routine your personal trainer makes you do because ‘no pain, no gain’; the extra time you spend cooking several different meals for the family because they don’t want the healthy food you’re eating.Many of us are naturally people pleasers – we don’t like saying no, even if we really don’t want to do whatever it is we’re saying yes to, because we don’t want to offend. Even if saying no goes against our needs and desires, we place other people above those things.It’s not as selfless as it sounds, or as you might like to think. If you keep saying yes when you want to say no, you might be doing it because you hate the idea of conflict or you just want people to like you. These are totally normal feelings, but the more often you let them interfere with your actions, the more likely you are to breed resentment – resentment at yourself for never following through on your own desires, and resentment at the people around you who are always pressuring you into saying ‘yes’. And if those ‘yeses’ are interfering with your weight loss, something’s gotta give. Try to please everyone, and you’re the one who ends up unhappy.



Remember this is just a small sample of common-sense, realistic weight loss tips that actually work that you can get EVERYDAY as a Love Your Weight Loss Platinum member.  So what are you weighting for?  Start Your Free Trial Now.  You’ll be so glad you did! :)

See you on the inside soon!





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