25 Super Stretches to Help You Lose Weight

Stretches to help you lose weight?  Yes!  I can be done!  Stretching can help with real life weight loss! Stretching is an important part of any exercise regimen. This practice can help warm up your muscles before you start putting them to work and increases blood supply to them, which in turn can prevent injuries and provide for a more enjoyable workout experience.


A good stretching routine should cover the major parts of the body and should last a minimum 5 minutes, depending on the type of workout. However, you can make the most of your time and do some super stretches that can help you lose weight? These 25 Super Stretches to Help You Lose Weight on YouTube are the perfect pre-workout habit you should be getting into right now.

1. Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Lots of people suffer from lower back pain or inflexibility and this prevents them from exercising as much as they could.  But it doesn’t have to.  Check out this great guide to help you unlock your hip flexors and lose weight today!


2. 8 Minute Morning Workout

This is an excellent morning (or anytime) workout for busy people who may not have time to exercise. This stretching routine lasts 8 minutes, perfect for those hectic mornings or even between meetings at the office. Believe it or not, this workout only has two simple exercises per day, so you can workout your entire body and drop up to nearly 1 kilo per week.

3. Total Body Stretch Workout

This total body stretch workout makes use of the basic eagle yoga pose. Those already familiar with yoga may recognize some of the variations on the eagle, but even newbies can appreciate the movements that challenge the body and help sweat out fat.


4. Morning Weight Loss Yoga in Bed

How about a morning stretching routine where you can lose weight and not even get out of bed? While it may seem too good to be true, this video shows you how. Before even you open your eyes, you can start your stretching routine in bed and start your day right.

5. 3 Stretches to Burn Belly Fat

For those may have a little extra around the middle, stretches are a great way to trim down belly fat. This set of three yoga stretches, namely, the camel, cobra, and wind-relieving pose, help exercise the abdominal area and stretch out the rest of the body.

6. Stretching, Pilates, Yoga Workout for Tight Muscles

This combination routine uses Pilates, yoga, and general stretching to help warm up muscles before an intense workout. This routine combines flowing movements and some poses so you get the most of your pre-workout stretch.

7.  Stretching Routine: Warm Up Exercises

This stretching routine is actually something you can do AFTER your workout, as your muscles also need a cooldown after working hard. After all, just because you’re done with your routine, doesn’t mean your muscles have to completely stop working. This routine not only helps relax tired muscles, but also helps your body continue burning fat.


Detox Your Mindset For Weight Loss Success

8. Daily Stretching Routine

This comprehensive daily stretching routine is the perfect companion for any strenuous cardio routine. It works out the entire body, from the shoulders to the toes, ensuring your muscles are warmed up and ready to work.

9. Daily “Charge & Ground” Stretching Routine

Those who also want to increase their strength should check out this “charge and ground” stretching routine, which combines deep breathing and uses the legs to ground the body and keep it strong and steady.

10. 5-Minute Stretch Routine

This short stretch routine makes for a good post-cardio cool down or even after a more comprehensive warm-up routine. It focuses more on the hamstrings and lower body, so do this before strength training, running, or other cardio exercises that work out the muscles below the waist.

11. Stretch for Fat Loss

This quick stretching workout can help strengthen and lengthen muscles, mostly through static stretches. Using a range of stretches and poses, you can help relax your body and increase flexibility, which overall can help you do other exercises better.

12. 10 Stretches That Get You Shredded

Stretches not only help condition your muscles and burn fat, but it can also make you look more ripped and increase muscle size. Do these 10 stretches both before and after your workout so you can tone your muscles and get better definition all over your body.

13. Stretching Exercises for Older People to Lose Weight

Weight loss is for people of all ages, and even those who are of an older demographic can benefit from dropping a few pounds. However, it’s often difficult to find exercises for weight loss for those more advanced in years, which makes this particular video a gem for older people who want to stay fit and young.

14. Yoga Full Body Stretch and Meditation

This full body stretch can help ease tired and sore muscles, while also help your mind relax through the accompanying Yoga playlist. Coupled with a full yoga routine, this stretch can help encourage long-term fat loss and increased muscle strength.

15. Weight Loss YOGA Challenge Workout

Stretching and yoga poses are effective at warming up muscles, but you can burn more fat and lose weight quicker by challenging your body. That’s why it’s good to mix in a couple of more strenuous exercises can help you drop those kilos faster. This yoga challenge workout video is just what you need to jump-start your routine and bring you closer to real life weight loss.

16. Easy Exercises for Reducing the Upper Arms, Hips & Waist

Targeted weight loss is nearly impossible for most people, but by doing the right exercises and stretches, you can reduce certain areas of the body. Upper arms, hips, and waists are particular problem areas for most people, especially women, and these easy exercises can help tone and trim these parts so you can feel confident about showing them off.

17. Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

These hip stretches, leg extensions, and abdominal exercises can help supercharge your stretching routine, while focusing on toning certain areas of your body.

18. Weight Loss Yoga Routine

This full yoga routine is a wonderful way to start your day and boost your metabolism so you can start burning fat. It starts with some simple breathing and stretching exercises, but goes on to more complicated forms that can really open up your body and work out those muscles.

19. Dance Stretch

Stretching for weight loss isn’t just limited to yoga and Pilates routines and poses. If you want a more dynamic and fun workout, try out this dance stretch routine. It’s not a very high-impact workout, but you can incorporate your favorite music and practice a few dance moves so you can have a great time exercising, while burning extra fat.

20. Dynamic Stretching Workout

When people hear stretching, they mostly think of holding a certain pose for 30 seconds or more, called static stretching. While static stretches are great for general exercise purposes, there are other types of stretching that benefit your body. Once such type is the dynamic stretch, which just means you go through repeated movements to help increase your range of motion and reach. If you’re bored of holding poses, try out this workout and watch the pounds melt away.

21.  Yoga Meltdown Level 1

This yoga meltdown routine features a few classic vinyasa poses, but supercharged with Jillian Michaels’ signature moves to create a workout that will leave you with a stronger core and fitter body.

22. 25 minute Total Body Stretch & Recovery Workout

Those who want a less intense, but still satisfying workout should do this total body stretch and recovery workout in-between training days. This 25-minute routine features a combination of different stretches and poses, from arm swings to lunge holds, as well as the triangle and bow pose to give your body a full workout.

23. 20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga Workout

To the uninitiated, yoga may seem like a slow and boring workout, but the opposite is actually true. There are many different types of yoga and by choosing the right ones, such as the poses done in this fat burning yoga workout, you can practice this ancient art while still dropping excess weight.

24. Stretching Exercises & Core Workouts

Reward your body after an intense exercise session with this stretching and core workout routine. These exercises focus on the core, while also helping the muscles recover. This cooldown exercise can help relax your tired muscles, but keep your body moving so it can continue to torch fat.

25. 10 Minute Tight Bikini Workout

Getting ready for bikini season? Make sure you make this 10-minute stretching and warm-up exercise a part of your routine. This warm-up features various stretches and exercises that will have you prepped for the summer.

Starting your workout with a stretching routine is a great habit to get into. By preparing your muscles for more intense training, you can avoid injury, as well as reduce aches and pains. Stretching and warming up can also help your body burn more fat and energy, to help you drop that excess weight quickly. Want to know which types of exercise best suit you? Take this FREE Exercise Personality Quiz today!


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