3 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

3 ways to lose weight without dieting

3 ways to lose weight without dieting

Almost everyone wants to lose weight.  Most people think that the best way to do this is by dieting.  But this isn’t so.  Read on to discover how to lose weight without dieting… and hating the process!

It seems that the more diet plans we have to follow the more overweight we become. Click To Tweet


In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that our current approach to dieting doesn’t work and actually perpetuates the obesity problem.


96% of people who lose weight by following a diet regain it all again – and more – within two… Click To Tweet


Many studies show that a history of dieting is actually one of the strongest predictors of future weight gain.


People are dieting themselves fat! We need to learn how to lose weight.. and we need to learn how to lose weight without dieting!!!  It seems that the more specific diet plans we have to follow, the fatter we are becoming.


Restraint and restriction are the problem, not the solution. Sure, it defies logic that simple, straightforward eating plans that offer a balanced nutritional intake won’t work. And they do work – until they don’t.


We need to discover how to lose weight without dieting… and we need to discover it now!

You see, diets fail to consider the complexities of the human condition.


Nearly 80% of our decisions are emotional, not rational.


We want autonomy, creativity, control, self-direction, self-determination and free will. We aren’t automatons or cogs in a machine.


We won’t just do as we are told all the time.


We can’t.


It’s not in our nature.


Yet that’s precisely what diets try to make us do.


Diets mess with our heads as much as they mess with our bodies. Click To Tweet


If I was trying to invent a new type of torture, starving someone while simultaneously messing with their mind and destroying their body’s ability to function efficiently seems like a pretty effective method.


What’s more, tricking people into believing that this will be the last time they’ll have to endure the torture (when of course, it isn’t) and making them pay for the privilege each time, makes it even more effective!



So how do you lose weight without dieting…


or indeed any of the often-touted but totally incorrect methods the weight loss and diet industries keep peddling us over an over again? 


What do you do instead?



Embrace Hedonic Adaptation



Hedonic adaptation means that no matter how much you like something at the start, or how much pleasure it brings you at the start, if you keep being exposed to that same thing over and over again the amount of pleasure it brings you will soon fade to a fairly stable level.


So what ends up happening with the typical person struggling with their weight when they’re trying to follow a traditional diet or healthy eating plan, where they eat a wide variety of food? 


They end up craving even more foods, simply because they’re being exposed to so many different types of new, healthy foods all at the same time. 


For example, how often have you tried some new diet food, really loved it and then just wanted more and more and more. 


Or even worse, been exposed to the ‘diet’ version of a particular type of food, and then just ended up craving the ‘non-diet’ version and eating that instead?


The fact is that the more different types of food you eat the more different types of food you crave – it’s a vicious circle – one that most traditional diets and healthy eating plans are happy for you to keep going round and round on time and time again… that’s why we need to discover how to lose weight without dieting!!!


Today, people struggling with their weight need to be exposed to a smaller variety of foods, not wider. 


This is what hedonic adaptation is all about – being exposed to the same sorts of meals over and over again and thus reducing the amount of pleasure that food brings you to a fairly constant and stable level that’s not over the top.  

Eat More To Weigh Less


Everyone thinks you need to eat less to lose weight. You don’t. You just need to eat better. Click To Tweet Studies show that the volume of food we eat trumps calories every time. Furthermore, researchers from the University of Adelaide have discovered that if you’ve been overweight for a significant period of time, you may actually need to eat more than someone who has never been overweight because the stomach nerves which send fullness signals to the brain when you are eating appear to become permanently desensitized after a high-fat diet is consumed for along period of time. This means you need to eat more food before you feel the same degree of fullness as someone who has never been overweight.


Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you eat a bucket size pile of chocolate you will gain a lot more weight than if you eat a bucket size pile of watermelon. So the “trick” to losing weight and not feeling hungry is to eat more food – but food that is high in volume but low in calories. Foods that fill this brief include lettuce, tomato, strawberries, broccoli, salsa, grapefruit, vegetable soup, rockmelon, milk, carrots, oranges, yoghurt, blueberries, apples and, of course, water.


NOT Everything in Moderation

“Everything in moderation” is a nice little theory… if you haven’t actually been emotionally attached to food, the way most people who’ve really struggled with their weight are.


But this nice little theory (like a whole bunch of others the diet and weight loss industries force-feed us day after day) doesn’t often translate well into reality.


Instead the trick is to distinguish between your “Secret Weight Loss Weapons” and your “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”


What are your “Secret Weight Loss Weapons” and your “Weapons of Mass Destruction”?


Your weapons of mass destruction are things that you cannot eat in moderation; you cannot have in the house, because you’ll eat the whole packet or whole boxes or whatever.


You just can’t eat them in moderation. Once you pop you can’t stop… so don’t start! Some foods won’t be everything in moderation for foods for you. Work out what they are.  This is essential if you want to know how to lose weight without dieting.


Your secret weight loss weapon foods are the healthy foods that fill you up but don’t fill you out? What healthy foods could you eat every day that fill you up but don’t fill you out? Eat these – but not in moderation. Eat them every day. Sometimes twice!


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Einstein said that insanity was “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. One of the most amazing things about people who lose weight only to regain it all again later is that they often go back to using the same method that they used before because “it worked”. Clearly it didn’t work or they wouldn’t be overweight again! Other people just keep trying one diet after another, hoping to find one that they can stick to forever. They spend their entire lives as slaves to one diet or another, but not questioning the very notion that the whole diet system is the thing that is flawed, rather than just the individual diets themselves. Stop the insanity! Become a genius! Escape the dieting hamster wheel to nowhere before it’s too late. Stop dieting and start losing weight today! Click To Tweet


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