49 Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But it’s also often the sleepiest!  So what are some quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas to help you lose weight?  Well read on to discover!

49 Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight


During my weight loss journey (where I lost 45kg / 100 pounds in 33 weeks) one of the biggest challenges was becoming a breakfast eater.  This was a huge change for me. My usual pattern was to have a cup or two of instant coffee before going to work, another one when I arrived at work, and then by about 10am I was starving and would eat whatever was handy!

Before and After Real Life Weight Loss Success

Before and After Real Life Weight Loss Success


I also used to think that if I did eat breakfast, I would end up eating more for the rest of the day than if I hadn’t eaten breakfast. What I didn’t realise was that

breakfast actually kick-starts your metabolism so you can eat more without putting on any extra weight, Click To Tweet

which is great if you love food, like I do! Breakfast is the equivalent of putting fuel in your engine before you drive off. It helps improve concentration and control cravings so you no longer feel quite so much like eating a custard tart at 10am. I have spoken to many people who have made the switch from being a non- breakfast person to a breakfast person. They all say they felt a whole lot better ( in the end. But one of the most common methods used to make the switch was by sheer force: “I forced myself to do it” or “My girlfriend made me do it”. Force can work for some, and many a bad habit has been changed for love. However, what actually helped me make the transition from being a non-breakfast eater (which I had been for about 10 years – pretty much since I’d left school) to being a breakfast eater (which I am now) was cappuccinos!  I started having cappuccinos for breakfast and they gradually became bigger and bigger and bigger until they were a meal unto themselves. When I did start eating breakfast it was almost effortless because I was now used to having a really big intake of calories shortly after waking. Of course, a giant cappuccino is not an ideal breakfast – but it was certainly an improvement on no breakfast at all. And it was a relatively easy mental stepping-stone to eventually developing good breakfast habits. But it was still a gradual process.


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Finding the right breakfast for you is a bit like dating - the right person for now may not be the right person forever. Click To Tweet

Unless the breakfast alternative is really, really bad (think five deep-fried sausages and 10 hash browns), then a not-so- good breakfast may be better than no breakfast at all because at least it gets you into the habit of eating first thing in the morning. Once you’ve mastered this habit, you can then move on to improving the quality of the food itself.

Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight #1

With ingredients such as stevia, chocolate, eggs, avocado, goji berries, chia seeds (not all at once!)  this clip will certainly make you drool…


Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight #2

Want something especially for summer?  Look no further…


Healthy Pancakes Here!

I love pancakes and I’m especially fond of this next healthy pancake recipe…




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But wait there’s more…

This next clip contains no less than 6 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight!  (On the 7th day you can rest… or re-make your favourite again!)


Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight Especially Great for School Days…


Check out these 5 recipes here…



I love how this next clip (with another 3 easy healthy breakfast ideas to help you lose weight) incorporates kiwi fruit… normally sooooo under-rated!


I also love the Mason Jar idea from that clip… here’s 14 more

More Great Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Help You Lose Weight that are Suitable for School …

can be found below!

I especially love the Strawberry Yoghurt Muffins. But why stop at lunch? These are also super snacks for weight loss as well!  And the best bit is that they are so yummy that you need not ever mention the words “weight loss” to the kids at all! Plus, the whole family will love them!


Now for something a little different.. Shakshuka!


What about breakfast casseroles?

They are the ultimate easy healthy breakfast idea!


Anyone for Acai?

Then check this one out!

What about some recipes that are budget friendly and you can eat them while you are commuting?

Well here’s a gem of a list of them!

Now, as for my personal all time -favourite recipes? Well you can find them in Love Your Weight Loss!

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