Falling On Your Butt isn’t Hard

The other day I fell smack bang on my butt in the middle of the gym while boxing. It’s actually quite a remarkable feet (excuse the pun). Sure I have fallen off a Swiss ball while standing on it, broken a chest press machine, nearly killed myself on a rowing machine and punched myself in the head while boxing (not once, but several times) to name but a few examples. (I am actually currently debating whether or not to write a Top 50 Memorable Training Mishaps for the membership section of my website!) But the falling on my butt was extra special because it made me realize how much I don’t worry about things like that anymore. THE worst moment during my weight loss journey was entering the gym by myself for the first time. I used to think that the people there would all be judging me (I was about 90kg at the time). Some of them probably did. But then again, maybe some didn’t. Now I just don’t care anymore and I wish I’d been that way from the start. If you are overweight and exercising, GOOD ON YOU, at least you are doing something about it. As I said in an email to one of my clients the other day, “Who cares what people think of you at the start . . . of course it’s ok to care when they all look at you with envy at the end!!!”

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