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Transform from an "Exercise Loather" into an "Exercise Lover"!!

Tailoring your workouts to your exercise personality allows you to maximise results and keep the exercise process interesting and FUN!

  • Learn which exercises will not only keep you stimulated, but entertained and enthusiastic
  • Discover whether challenge, tradition, or time-efficiency motivates you and why
  • Learn simple ways to tailor each workout session to maximise strength and burn more calories through "neuromuscular stimulation"
  • Let us walk you through the exercise motivation process in order to increase fat burning potential and help you lose weight for life

Reclaim Your Life by Transforming Your Body!

Gone are the days of the "dreaded" workout, no matter your past experiences with exercise, you will…

  • Begin to look forward to daily exercise sessions
  • Find the motivation you need to get moving, even on "lazy days"
  • Lose weight and feel better than you have in years
  • Regain self-confidence
  • Develop your natural strengths to unleash the inner athlete you never knew you were

Here are some simple steps to transform your exercise routine RIGHT NOW!

For many people, especially those who have struggled with their weight for years, the typical approach to exercise that touts the "go hard or go home" mantra will never work. Instead of following prescriptive 12-week programmes designed for the already-fit, consider the benefit of lower life-impact, sustained exercising that you actually like to do.

100% Effort x 3 Weeks = 300% Results
80% Effort x 5 Weeks = 400% Results
25% Effort x 25 Weeks = 625% Results

By taking the simple step of discovering your by taking the FREE assessment below, you are already on the path to improving your workouts, transforming your body, and losing weight for life.

Who is Sally Symonds?

A published author of three weight loss books and motivational speaker, Sally is also the founder of the revolutionary 26-week online weight loss system, Love Your Weight Loss. Based on her own real life weight loss success, starting in 2002, Sally lost 45kg in 33 weeks. Not only did Sally keep it off for 5 years, but went on to lose an additional 8.5kg - over half her original body weight. And yet, Sally achieved all of this in the ‘real world’, while managing a busy life and hectic career.