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If you can eat your way fat, you can eat your way THIN!

Learning how you can eat more, and weigh less, allows you to maximise your weight loss results, keep you motivated and on track and allow you to lose weight for life!

  • Learn how to cook meals which will not only keep you full, but are fast to make and ideal for busy people
  • Discover recipes that are family-friendly and budget-conscious
  • Learn simple ways to tailor individual recipes to suit your tastes

It’s Not About Losing Weight; It’s About Gaining Life!

The medical evidence is overwhelming that diets don’t work for weight loss. Lose weight without dieting and

  • Discover the secrets to successful, sustainable weight loss
  • Learn how to lose weight while eating real food
  • Discover the best thing about weight loss isn’t how good you look, it’s how great you feel

Here a simple step to transform your diet RIGHT NOW!

Forget calorie counting. Here’s why: a calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. The calorie composition of food used to be measured by setting the food on fire and seeing how well the flame warmed a big tub of water. The thing is – the body isn’t a big tub of water!

Plus your body handles different sources of calories in different ways. For example, for every 100 grams of carbs you consume, you body uses 5 – 10% of those in digestion. It’s slightly less with fat. With protein, your body uses 20 – 30 % of its intake for digestion. So you are left feeling fuller for longer. By taking the simple step of entering your details to receive your free recipes below, you are already on the path to eating more and weighing less … for life.

Who is Sally Symonds?

A published author of three weight loss books and motivational speaker, Sally is also the founder of the revolutionary 26-week online weight loss system, Love Your Weight Loss. Based on her own real life weight loss success, starting in 2002, Sally lost 45kg in 33 weeks. Not only did Sally keep it off for 5 years, but went on to lose an additional 8.5kg - over half her original body weight. And yet, Sally achieved all of this in the ‘real world’, while managing a busy life and hectic career.