Healthy Cooking Tips to Help You Lose Weight in No Time

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We all put on a little bit too much weight once in a while; perhaps a lack of exercise or over-indulgence in the festive season takes its toll, and we don’t notice until it’s too late! Also, it’s all too easy to resort to a routine of take-aways and unhealthy food, and that’s not good for you or the family. So, what can you do – cooking wise – to lose weight, without having to resort to boring, dull and flavourless meals? Here’s a few ideas we came up with:

1: Cut out the Take-Aways!

Our first tip is not a cooking one as such, but it does concern food! How many take-away meals do you eat in a given period? The answer is a simple one – too many! Of course, not all take-outs are desperately unhealthy, but it is easy to be persuaded by a delicious photo of a kebab on the menu! Before anything else, you need to cut down on the fatty, calorie-laden meals you call in on a regular basis, as they are not helping your cause! You will also find it saves a lot of money, too.


2: Change Your Shopping Habits

Now that you’ve cut out the take-away food, you need to go shopping! But you have to approach it in an ordered fashion, rather than your usual method of just picking up something you fancy and putting it in your basket! Stock up on general groceries – think tinned vegetables as they keep forever and are easy to get out of a cupboard when you need them – and make sure you steer away from unhealthy yet attractive items. Make a sensible list before you go to the shops, and you’ll soon find there is plenty of healthy food that you actually enjoy.

3: Cut out the Oil

From now on, food fried in oil is a no-no; it’s a shame, we know, but it’s also essential. Even shallow-fried food carries far too much oil, and is not going to help you lose weight. That doesn’t mean you have to cut out fried food entirely, as there is a healthy way of frying. If you use an air fryer – they are relatively new appliances that are becoming very popular – you can even enjoy chips, as air frying doesn’t need oil. It’s a technique that uses super-heated air to give you the same results, but without the fat content.

4: Bring on the Veg!

So, you now need to start eating more vegetables; a balanced diet is essential anyway, and fruit and veg should make up a good proportion of your diet. Mediterranean dishes use a variety of veg – and often lean meat – and are among the healthiest of all, so check out your recipe books for paella, risotto, even lasagne and other Spanish and Italian dishes, and you will find a wide variety of very tasty, very healthy meals to choose from. Also, why not look at vegetable curries? These can be delicious if you use authentic ingredients, as well as being surprisingly healthy. There is plenty of great food out there if you take the time, and you can improve your diet in no time and with little effort or expense.

5: Why Fish is Great!

Not everybody is a lover of fish, but the fact is it can be an extremely helpful choice when losing weight. We’re not talking the chip shop variety – cooked in oil and battered – but the home-baked fish, perhaps trout or salmon, that provides a healthy mix of delicious food and plenty of essential vitamins and other ingredients. Think of trout baked in foil, presented with green beans and boiled potatoes, with parsley sauce, and you have a delicious, healthy meal that all the family will love.


6: Don’t Forget the Fruit!

After your fish dinner, you can enjoy a delicious fruit salad, made with a selection of fresh and tasty fruit from your local greengrocer. It’s a great way of getting the right vitamins, and there are so many different fruits to choose from you can vary your intake every time. Be adventurous and try something you have never tried before – ugli fruit may not sound very appetising, for example, but is actually delicious – and you will soon find you have a world of new flavours at your fingertips.

It’s never easy when you need to lose weight, but it can be done, and as the above proves, you don’t need to limit yourself to bland and boring meals. Your family can also help by encouraging you to follow the above tips, and you will soon find that you can actually save money while losing weight – think of the cash you spend on take-away meals, and that’s all coming back to you! Enjoy your food, take it easy, and good luck losing weight!

Author Bio – Simon Barker is an enthusiastic cook and a fan of healthy fruit and veg, and you can read about his experiences as he reviews the best air fryers in the market for you.

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  • kaushik

    Reply Reply July 13, 2017

    Healthy eating habit is needed to maintain yourself-healthy. I agree with sally, you should eat fruit everyday after dinner.
    Thanks sally for sharing your valuable thought on this topic.

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