How to Create Unicorn Workouts: Miracles Guaranteed

How to Create Unicorn Workouts: Miracles Guaranteed


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Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.


She had everything a princess could ever want…


Loving parents

Lots of friends

Many admirers

And a sparkling personality.


In fact, she was really, really pretty as well … but there was one thing she didn’t like about her body. She was fat! Aaaaaaaggggghhh!


So she decided to eat a bit better.


And guess what, it worked.a little bit… The fat started slowly coming off her.


But, she wanted to make it happen faster and better…


After all, she didn’t want to become one those ‘skinny fat’ people like the skanks down the road with tattoos on their legs (NB: the princess’ views of people with tattoos on their legs are hers and hers alone and no personal responsibility or liability for this comment will be accepted by Sally Symonds or Love Your Weight Loss)


So the princess decided that she would start to exercise. But what exercise should she do? Which one was best?


Which exercise program would transform her body as fast as possible?


The princess decided to give some a try.


Some were too hard…


Some were too easy..


And some were just right… but only for a little while.


Because pretty soon, no matter what exercise program she tried, the princess became bored and demotivated.


She tried the Miss Bitches 12 Week Booty Transformation… several times in fact!


She tried the Assy Blinders system…


She tried The Biggest Boober Club…


She tried Steak Watchers Online…


She even tried PoorSlim…


But this (like most of them) was only making her poor… and not all that slim!!!


“Oh damn,” said the Princess. “I simply can’t be like everyone else. 42% of people who begin an exercise program quit within 30 days. 90% quit within 6 months. But hey LOOK AT ME I’M A PRINCESS! I shouldn’t have to quit like everyone else”.


The Princess was getting really desperate now. So she asked her father, the King, to help.


Now, the King was wise, wise, wise old man


He knew that pretty much any exercise program would work … as long as the Princess could stick to it.. forever.


But, how could he make that happen?


The King decided to consult some of the world’s leading motivational experts.


He interviewed Daniel Pink (the New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Drive: The Surprising Truth of What Motivates Us”).


He did high tea with Edward Deci (co-founder of self-determination theory aka the theory that differentiates the difference between various forms of motivation and lets us know what actually works!)


He went fishing with Martin Seligman (who first recognized the concept of learned helplessness and is an avid promoter of positive psychology)


And he cracked a couple of coldies while watching the cricket with Hugh Mackay (Australian psychologist, sociologist and social researcher and author of “What Makes Us Tick? The Ten Desires That Drive Us”)


The King was AMAZED at what they all said… because they all said the SAME THING!!!


In order to be motivated – and stay motivated — people need autonomy and self-empowerment, they need mastery and accomplishment, they need positive experiences and emotions, they need engagement, positive relationships, connection and sense of belonging.


In other words, they needed something that no exercise program could EVER give them….


because ALL exercise programs were designed by someone else… not the person who had to do them. So it was impossible for people to develop a sense of autonomy or self-empowerment or mastery or accomplishment or any of the other things that all the motivational experts agreed upon that people DID need to stay motivated.


The King was really really sad about this. His daughter (the lovely Princess) had wasted so much time and so much money on all these programs and she was STILL FAT (although he preferred to use the term “cuddly” when he was discussing the issue with her).


But even worse than all the time and all the money (because let’s face it, for the King and Princess the money stuff wasn’t a big deal…)


But even worse than that…


Was the hit that the Princess’ self-esteem had taken.


She felt like a failure.


She felt like she could never lose weight.


She felt that she had no willpower, no discipline, that her “get up and go” and got up and gone looooooong before she needed it.


The King was irate!


“How dare you do this to my daughter” he boomed in his big booming “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down” voice.


“Off with your heads!”


[Due to the graphic nature of the next events we’ll take a quick pause in this story for a brief commercial break…]


After all the commotion, the King took his daughter aside and asked her if the best exercise program might be one that she designed herself? That way, she would be sure to have autonomy and self-empowerment and mastery and accomplishment and all the other things that the motivational experts said you needed to stay motivated (no matter who you were and no matter what you were trying to do).


The Princess thought long and hard about it…


And that’s what she did!


She designed the fastest, best-est, long-lasting-est weight loss exercise program ever! It not only motivated you to exercise and to lose weight.. but it showed you how to motivated yourself on a daily basis so that the weight would stay off.



The King was so proud of his daughter.. and she was pretty proud of herself too.


But the Princess wasn’t content just using this system herself. After all, all around her people were getting fatter and fatter and no one seemed to be able to stop it from happening. In fact, many people even believed that it was impossible to stop this from happening..



So the Princess devised a cunning plan…


She would create the weight loss system that people could follow when they weren’t following a weight loss system.


There would be no diet…


There would be no specific exercise program…


BUT there would be all of the things that the motivational experts agreed were needed to keep people on track for life!


“What you are doing just isn’t working for weight loss” the Princess screamed loud and wide to anyone who would listen.


But no one would listen to her.


Everyone said that these things did work for weight loss.. a bit…


And by ‘work’ they meant ‘for a little while’…


And by ‘lose’ they meant “misplace it for a couple of days or weeks or months and then find it all again and more”.


The Princess was reminded of a friend of hers… a young boy who had seen his Emperor naked. Two swindlers had told the Emperor they were making new clothes for him.. but they were just swindling him.. they took away his clothes, gave him nothing in return and made him look like a fool. Everyone in the town went along with the supposedly ‘great’ new clothes… until the boy (the Princess’ friend) cried out, “But you haven’t got anything on”.


Even then, most of the town finally admitted the truth and agreed with the boy, the Emperor himself just wouldn’t believe the boy. He continued to strut about naked, contracted pneumonia and soon after died in prison while he was awaiting trial for child pornography charges…(but that’s another story!)


The Princess just HAD to believe that people would eventually come to their senses…


That they would EVENTUALLY see the light..


That they would EVENTUALLY discover how to lose weight and keep it off.. just like she had.


But how soon would that EVENTUALLY arise?


The answer, my dear reader, is up to you!


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Imagine going for a walk three times a week. Is this good for you? Yes. Will it improve your health? Probably. It does have its benefits. Will you lose weight by doing it?  YES – UNTIL YOUR BODY BECOMES USED TO IT!!  Then, when your body works out that it does not need to do anything new and it does not need to challenge itself because it knows exactly what is coming it can simply go through the motions – and you will stop losing weight like you did when you first began!


Now imagine doing a different exercise each of the three days; boxing, walking, riding, yoga or even dancing. Your body has no idea what is coming next and is being kept on its toes. Pardon the pun. Your body is working harder than usual because it is firing in all new areas. This variety in exercise actively engages neuromuscular stimulation which really is the magic ingredient in effective exercise for weight loss.


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It is completely personalised, unique to how you are feeling on any given day and focused on what you are wanting to accomplish each day or each workout.


So how many combinations are there and will you ever get bored? We are so glad you asked! There are so many exercise combinations and programs available through this machine that the number of programs has 106 numbers in it! Wowsers!


If you divide this by 365 for the average number of days in a year and then further divide that number by 80 for the average number of years we live for, then for every single day of your life, you will have a choice of this many exercise combinations:




Hopefully the commas helped you get a good grasp on this amazing resource you have right here at your fingertips in Love Your Weight Loss Platinum members area.


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Start your FREE TRIAL of Love Your Weight Loss Now!








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