Losing Weight Isn’t About Hard Work

 Recently I had a conversation with a personal trainer friend of mine about losing weight. He was bemoaning a client’s lack of motivation and describing what he was doing to encourage her physical fitness. Now don’t get me wrong, he is a good guy and a good trainer. But I happened to say to him, “Yes, but people like you who have always been fit don’t know what it feels like to have to lose weight, just the same way that I don’t know what it feels like to be a twin or be non-Caucasian.” He replied, “Yes,

but I know what hard work is.” That kind of sums up what I’m talking about. Losing weight isn’t just, or even mostly, about hard work. I’m sure I worked / trained hard when I lost weight – but that wasn’t the main, or even most important, part of my weight loss. The most important part was the mind, not the body. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t just move your mind, you need to move your body too. But if you can change your mind, changing your body isn’t about hard work at all.

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