How to make the most of Love Your Weight Loss

Changing from being an exercise loather to an exercise lover won’t happen overnight … but it will happen!  Here are a few tips for familiarising yourself with some of the Love Your Weight Loss features.

My Diary

  • Try to record everything you eat in the your diary. This helps prevent ‘calorie amnesia’ and is one of the easiest ways to help put YOU in control of your weight.
  • Try to record your exercise as well.
    • The Exercise Amount you enter each day is the number of minutes you exercise for that day. Start tracking your progress no matter now small the number of minutes because it’s still progress and gives you a benchmark. The very first day of my weight loss journey I did a slow walk of 5 minutes … but I kept going!
    • The Daily Exercise Effort is the score you give yourself out of 10 in terms of how hard it was for you (your effort level). An easy exercise session might equal 3 out of 10. Giving it everything you’ve got equals 10!
    • Love Your Weight Loss will automatically calculate your daily and weekly exercise scores for you. That way you can ensure that you are doing just that little bit more each day and each week!

Pink Exercise Boxes

  • Remember that these are suggestions for what you can do according to the new exercise techniques learnt each week. You don’t have to do them – feel free to make your own exercise equivalents – just do something!

Purple “What Sally Did” Exercise Boxes

  • These are another guide to help you on your exercise journey. This is exactly what I did each week. As you can see I didn’t do very much. Feel free to do more than I did, but don’t do so much that it is too hard and you will stop – that is one of the keys to successful weight loss. Enjoy!