Vision Statement

Instead of setting a weight loss goal, try coming up with a healthy living vision statement. Your vision statement will help motivate you on your healthy living journey, and allow you to consider what you want to get out of it.

A vision statement:

  • gives you a sense of possibility
  • lets you give shape and voice to your desires
  • allows you to enjoy the present as well as anticipate the future.

A vision statement doesn't:

  • stipulate a right or wrong way of doing things
  • give you a specific timeframe in which to achieve your aims
  • define a specific objective that you need to fulfil.

A vision statement isn't a goal or a mission statement. While goals can restrict you and mission statements encourage competitive action, vision statements are broader, more flexible, and more inspirational. They're about possibility—they encourage you to think about what might be possible, rather than asking you to define a specific, narrow objective and map out the steps to achieve it.

Think of your vision statement as like a long road stretching out into the future—a future of possibility, where you can achieve anything you set out to.

Consider why you're choosing to embark on your healthy living journey, and what experiences you may face along the way. Come up with a short vision statement, and write it in the space below. Refer to it as often as you need to over the coming weeks.

NASA'S original vision statement: To put a man on the moon


What is your vision for your weight loss future?

Write it down and post it somewhere prominent (eg, on the fridge door, in the bathroom mirror, on the front of the treadmill) to help keep you on track!