Eliminate Excuses

Sorry I didn’t have time to write this section. I’ve been really busy and I had to take my cat to the vet and um . . . See how weak they all sound? When you work with someone who’s full of excuses, what do you think of them? Incompetent? Whinger? Liar? No sense of personal responsibility? Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t something positive. If you’re trying to make a change within yourself (weight loss or otherwise), don’t let yourself off the hook. Don’t feed yourself excuses as to why you haven’t taken the actions necessary in order to make the change you want to make because, deep down, you won’t really believe yourself anyway—and there’s nothing worse than lying to yourself.

To Do:

Consider all your previous attempts at weight loss and all the excuses that you told yourself each time you didn’t make a healthy choice. How did it make you feel? What effect did it have on your healthy life journey?

Eliminate “could have,” “should have” and “would have” from your weight loss vocabulary. Instead, think “I will” and “I have.”