Waist not want not

Pre-cut fruit and vegetables are a staple of supermarket shelves these days, from bagged frozen stir-fry veggies to packs of sliced fresh fruit.

You might think that buying the pre-cut version is the more expensive option, but this isn’t necessarily the case – particularly when it comes to saving time in the kitchen.

Take the following example:

1 x 300 g pot of pre-cut fresh rock melon costs $3, which works out to around $10 per kilo.

1 x 2.5 kg whole rock melon costs $2.98, which works out to around $1.20 per kilo.

Obviously, the whole rock melon is the cheaper choice. But the economics of weight loss aren’t always just about money.

Once you’ve bought that whole rock melon, you’ll have to cut it, and once you’ve thrown away the skin, you’ll only have about two-thirds left of what you paid for. More importantly, you’ll have spent about 10 or 15 minutes wrestling with the knife and then clearing up the mess afterwards. Buy the pre-cut pack, and your food preparation takes about one second – and it suddenly becomes a lot quicker and easier to make a healthy choice.

Consider your time as well as your money. When you’re trying to lose weight, any time-saving healthy measure is one worth taking.