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Welcome to Week 2

Here's What You'll Discover This Week:

Think Big Week 2

  • Finding the Motivation to Help You Lose Weight
  • Establishing Exercises You Love
  • Mastering New Skills

Small Bites Week 2

  • 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Eat
  • How To Make Unhealthy Foods Inconvenient
  • What Are Your Go To Foods For Weight Loss?

Small Steps Week 2

  • Beginners Guide Exercises
  • Post Workout Stretches
  • Tracking Your Exercise

Top Tips Week 2

  • Mastering Your Chosen Exercise
  • Becoming An Exercise Lover
  • How Many Different Exercises You Can Do With One Piece of Equipment?

More Motivation Week 2

  • The “Secret” To Weight Loss
  • Diet-Free Weight Loss
  • Using Your Emotions To Increase Your Motivation