The Ugly Truth: Confronting Your Bad Eating Habits

It’s easy to forget—or just kid ourselves—about the unhealthy foods we eat during an average week. Keeping a food diary is all very well, but it’s not the same as actually getting a visual of how much we eat.

Imagine if you could see everything that passed your lips over the course of just a single day. The sheer quantity of food might make you think twice next time you fix yourself a snack or make dinner.

Conduct an experiment: for one week, take a photograph of every single thing you eat and drink. Post it on Facebook, Pinterest, or your blog; print the photos and stick them to your fridge; make them your desktop background on your computer. Put them wherever you’re likely to see them frequently. Look at them every time you’re about to eat.

After you’ve taken your photos and displayed them somewhere prominent, consider the following questions:

Are you surprised by the quantity of food in your photos? Was it more or less than you expected?

Are you surprised by the amount of unhealthy food in your photos?

How do you feel each time you look at the photos?

How are the photos helping you build your motivation and consistency as you begin your weight loss journey?