Cook Up A Healthy Storm

How you prepare your meals can have a big effect on how healthy they are – if you’re going to douse your vegetables in butter, they’re obviously not going to be as beneficial as they would be if you serve them plain! Here are some tips for how to prepare food healthily without compromising on taste:

  1. Cook with oils that are high in unsaturated fats. These include olive, peanut, canola and coconut.
  2. Use oil sparingly. Better yet, buy a spray canister, which helps you use smaller quantities of oil.
  3. No one enjoys the taste of overcooked veggies, but, more importantly, overcooking them saps them of their nutrient content. Lightly steam or grill them to maximise their flavour and get the best of their health benefits.
  4. Try baking vegetables, fish, and meat to retain their nutrients and lessen the amount of oil or fat that’s need to cook them.
  5. Poach your fish and eggs instead of frying them, and flavour them using low-sodium stock, lemon juice, wine, or vinegars.

The more you cook healthily at home, the more it will begin to feel like second nature. What’s more, eating at home is actually better for you.