Shop Wise And Shape Up

Healthy eating is all very well, but sometimes, just walking in the door of the supermarket can be enough to derail or confuse your best efforts. Even if you do your best to avoid the processed junk that fills the aisles, it can be difficult to know whether those foods that claim to be healthy are genuinely good for you.

Help is at hand. A recent US study revealed that shoppers who spent just 10 minutes being counselled by a nutritionist before they chose their groceries made healthier choices than shoppers who attempted to decipher the bewildering array of food labels themselves.

But does this mean you have to fork out hundreds of dollars to consult with a nutritionist in order to improve your eating? No way! Just remember the simple rule that it’s best to buy the bulk of your groceries from the outer aisles of a supermarket – since that’s where you’ll find the fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, and fish – and read nutrition labels carefully to check a product’s salt, sugar and fat content.