Get Healthy At Work And At Home

Being fit and healthy doesn’t just benefit your lifestyle – it’s good for your career, too. Research shows that healthy employees tend to be more productive, more likely to be promoted and more likely to earn a higher salary. CFOs are now realising the benefits of having a healthy workforce, and are making every effort to foster healthy working environments, from providing comprehensive health care coverage to getting rid of vending machines that sell junk such as chips and chocolate.

If you’re an employee, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to help develop a healthier working environment for yourself and your colleagues. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If your office has morning teas, encourage people to bring healthy options, such as homemade granola or bran muffins.
  • See if it’s possible to organise lunchtime yoga classes at your office, or find out if there’s a yoga studio nearby that offers a midday class. If a few of you are keen to get on board, the process becomes a lot easier – and a lot more fun!
  • Organise a regular healthy lunch run. Find out which places nearby serve healthy lunch options, and offer to pick up lunch for your team a couple of days a week to encourage healthy eating.
  • See if anyone’s interested in starting an office sports team. Get a group together for footie, soccer, netball or any other team sport one night a week.
  • Start an office fitness challenge! Chances are there are a few of you who want to lose weight and shape up. Compile a list of healthy workplace habits – taking the stairs instead of the lift, having fruit instead of chocolate for your afternoon pick-me-up snack – and see who can stick with the programme. Monitor your results and offer fun incentives for those who get the best results.

Another reason fostering a healthy working environment is a great idea is that it’s something you can do as a team. If you get your colleagues involved, you’ll all provide one another with moral support and have a solid incentive to stay focused on your collective healthy life journeys.