Drink It Up, Suck It Up!

Social drinking is one of the easiest ways to gain weight, since alcoholic drinks are often packed with calories. But you can still enjoy social drinking without compromising your health – it’s all about making the right choices at the bar. Here are some suggested tipples that won’t tip the scale:

  • Have a glass of wine. Wine tends to be lower in calories than beer, and red wine is a good source of antioxidants.
  • Have liquor on the rocks instead of with a mixer. Soft drink mixers and syrups tend to be loaded with calories and sugar, so if you love your liquor, have it neat or on the rocks.
  • Choose a low calorie mixer. If you don’t like your liquor on the rocks, have it with a diet soft drink or a juice.

Alcohol isn’t the best form of liquid to be drinking if you want to lose weight. However, not all drinks are going to hinder your healthy living efforts.  Remember your smoothies ...

I’m a sucker for a smoothie, and the good news is they’re a great healthy option for breakfasts and snacks. The other great thing about smoothies is how filling they are: a recent UK study reported in Flavour journal shows that thick drinks keep you feeling fuller for longer. Participants in the study tasted several versions of a yogurt-based drink: each one had a different quantity of tara gum added to it to change its thickness. Unsurprisingly, the thicker versions of the drink were more filling, even though they had the same amount of energy as the thinner versions.

However, if you plan to fill up on smoothies, it’s important to make sure that you use the right ingredients. Bulk them up with frozen bananas and frozen berries, Greek yogurt, and plenty of ice, and blend them for several minutes: the longer they get whizzed around in your food processor, the more air gets whipped into them, and the thicker they’ll become.