Mastering Your Weight Loss

Think of your approach to successful weight loss as like a skill that you can train yourself to develop – like cooking or sewing or riding a bike. Not only will the thought of losing weight then become less daunting, it’ll also become a step-by-step process that’s mentally much easier to manage.

So what’s the key to mastering your weight loss skills? Here are the golden rules for teaching yourself to learn something new:

I. Be prepared. Those boy scouts sure knew what they were talking about. First, think about how ready you are to lose weight and what really motivates you. Then, consider how much time and energy you can – and are prepared – to give to your new healthy lifestyle. If you’re going in half-heartedly, you’re only going to get half the results. Weight loss isn’t difficult or impossible, but, like anything worth doing, it won’t happen overnight or without your effort and commitment.

II. Read what the experts have to say. While I’m usually a fan of ignoring experts where weight loss is concerned, they’re not all bad! If you’ve joined a gym, speak to a personal trainer about your different exercise options or classes. Educate yourself about food so you know how to make healthy choices when you shop, cook and eat out.

III. Know what kind of learner you are. Some of us are visual learners, some of us are auditory and some of us do best when we have hands-on experience. However you learn best, try to tailor your weight loss efforts accordingly. For example, if you’re a visual learner, help yourself get motivated by sticking pictures of yourself at your heaviest on the fridge door – it’ll help stop you in your tracks when you get tempted to search for an unhealthy snack!

IV. Take it slow. One of the easiest mistakes to make when you learn any new skill is to expect immediate results – but learning anything new takes time, and that means making slow and steady progress. The best way to succeed at weight loss is to make small, sustainable changes that help you get lasting, long-term results. Getting fit and healthy just isn’t possible overnight – but if you keep working at it, you’ll soon see and feel the difference in your body and your mind.

V. Get the right support. Embarking on anything new can be hard, and finding the right support can be an important way to help keep you on track. There are all kinds of ways you can seek support, moral or otherwise, when you’re on your healthy life journey. As well as expert advice from nutritionists or personal trainers, don’t underestimate the value of sharing your highs and lows with others who are also on their healthy life journeys (hint: go to the forums!)