Whatever It Takes

Don’t be afraid to keep your true motivations to yourself when you are losing weight.  People have all kinds of crazy tools that they use to motivate them to lose weight, and that’s great – you have to trust whatever works for you. But if your motivations are a little unusual, ask yourself if you really want everyone to know what they are. It’s OK not to share them, just as it’s OK not to announce your weight loss ambitions to all your friends and family.

Here’s an example I can now share because I’ve lost my weight and kept it off; a motivation tool I used that I didn’t tell anyone about for seven years. I used to be a mad, keen cricket fan – a real cricket tragic. And when I was learning to run, in order to keep myself running (and not slacken off into a walk) I used to tell myself that if I could learn to run continuously for 45 minutes then Channel Nine would think my story so remarkable, they’d employ me to be the first female cricket commentator in Australia – despite the fact that I had never actually played proper team cricket at all (not even at school). So as I was running along, I would imagine I was actually commentating and I would hear myself say, “Another fine sweep shot there by Steve Waugh,” and Bill Lawry would reply, “Yes, it’s all happening Sally,” and – while I was running – I would believe that would actually come true.

Although I did learn to run for 45 minutes continuously, Channel Nine still hasn’t called. But that’s OK – I still lost all the weight I wanted to...and kept it off. So every delusional fantasy was worth it – but I still don’t think I would have confessed them all to everyone, especially at the time!

So don’t be afraid to use fantasy to fuel your motivation – just remember to snap back into reality when you need to.