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Small Steps Week 3

  • Warm Up

    Let’s warm up with Nudge Ford from Nudge PT on the Gold Coast, a weightloss superstar in his own right!

    While big muscles burn more calories sometimes it’s easier for beginners exercisers to start with something smaller. Let’s learn all about how to train our arms!
  • Sally’s Secret Arms Workouts

  • Training Triceps

  • Getting A Grip

To Do:

  • Consider the exercise that you are currently doing. How could you incorporate more neuromuscular stimulation into it?
  • Check out the arm exercises section of the exercise library. How many can you do?
  • Once you’ve worked your arms don’t forget to stretch them out at the end. Check out these arm & shoulder stretches to help guide you

Now here’s a few more individual body part workouts for you to try: