Effortless Exercises

Recently I attended a function where Ian Healy spoke about Shane Warne’s exercise efforts while playing cricket for Australia. Healy told of how, while Warnie was loath to run laps or jump on the treadmill, he would quite willingly bowl for hours and hours on end. For Shane Warne, bowling was effortless exercise, whereas running laps of the oval was not!

All exercise requires some physical effort, but some exercises don’t require any mental effort. That’s an important distinction. While you might sooner walk over hot coals than attend an aerobics class, taking your kids to the park and pushing them on the swing might require virtually no mental effort, yet it still burns vital calories. Effortless exercise is all about increasing your fitness level (and decreasing your waistline) without even knowing it!

Exercise in disguise! Find activities that are actually exercise in disguise: going to the zoo, walking around the shopping mall, having fun at an amusement park, or even just sitting on a dura disc on your office chair each day.

To Do:

Consider what activities you enjoy doing that also offer good calorie-burning potential. It might be gardening, playing with your kids, going for a walk or even cleaning your house! Try to work out how you can spend a bit more time each day (or each week) engaging in these activities (and losing weight at the same time!)