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Think Big Week 4

To Do:

  • Remember that muscle is three times heavier than fat (and three times more compact visually as well). If you are losing weight via building muscle (via strength exercises) then weight on the scales will be slower, but changes in your body shape will be faster and last a lot longer.
  • Don't despair if the scales don't show any change. Destruction is much easier to achieve than construction. Think about how long it takes to destroy a house versus how much time it takes to build one, and a healthy human body is a lot more complex than a house.
  • Consider investing in a body fat and hydration scale. These give a much more accurate assessment of your overall body composition.Click here to find out how to save 45% off Tanita body and kitchen scales.

Still concerned about scales. Click on the links below to discover even more ways to change the way you think about weighing in: