Partner Up: 4 Ways a Partner Can Help Your Weight Loss Journey


Losing weight can give you a better life all round, as you’ll feel better, more energized and more able to do things you really want or need to do. You can also look better, and this can boost your confidence bringing benefits to your home, work and social life. The key to losing weight is to burn off more calories than you take in during the day, but if you’ve found that hard in the past, don’t give up, because a little help can make a big difference. Having a partner to share your weight loss journey can make it easier for you both, and here are four reasons why.

1. Adopting a Healthier Eating Regime

One of the major causes of excess weight is eating too much or eating the wrong foods, so adopting a healthier dietary regime can soon make a big difference. If you do this on your own, however, you can soon find yourself falling into temptation, and this can be even more problematic if you are adopting a healthier eating regime whilst your spouse or partner continues with less healthy eating patterns. Conversely, if both partners adopt a healthier eating program together, they can ensure that they only purchase healthy items of food, and that can remove temptation from the weight loss equation.

2. Mutual Motivation

One of your most powerful allies in your battle to lose weight is your brain, as if you adopt a positive attitude to your new lifestyle you are much more likely to see positive results. Unfortunately, these good intentions can be put to the test by everyday stresses and pressures, and that’s when you need a boost to your motivation and willpower. If you have a partner who is also losing weight, you’ll be able to spur each on, and just as importantly you’ll be able to talk honestly and openly about personal challenges that you’re facing. This can be the first step in overcoming them, and you’re much more likely to continue a weight loss regime if the person you love is encouraging you along the way.

3. Getting Out of the Exercise Rut

Regular exercise can sometimes seem boring, but it can help you lose weight as well as get fit. Exercising with a partner is lots more fun, especially if you introduce a competitive, yet friendly, aspect to it. One idea is to have a weekly prize for the partner who has lost the most weight, and one way for you both to encourage weight loss is to sweat away excess calories during your exercise program. You can sweat more by putting a sauna vest to use when you exercise, and it can quickly bring noticeable results. Sauna vests and suits can be worn beneath normal gym or exercise attire, and by raising your temperature they encourage sweating, and therefore weight loss.

4. Turn Everyday Activities into Exercise

Everyday activities can become a form of exercise if you do them vigorously enough, from chopping food to using the vacuum cleaner, and having a partner who is also on a weight loss journey means that you can feel comfortable, rather than embarrassed, about doing this. Of course, a certain amorous activity that couples across the world love to share can also be a great way to exercise and lose weight, so it can improve your relationship in more ways than one.

Many people join diet clubs because the support they receive from fellow dieters can provide excellent motivation and help them through rough patches, but you can get just the same benefits from sharing a weight loss journey with your partner. From changing eating patterns, to starting an exercise routine and wearing sauna vests, it seems a lot easier when the one you love is doing exactly the same.

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