50 Snacks to Lose 50 kg . . .And Keep It Off

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“What do you eat?” is one of the most common questions Sally has been asked over the last 8 years.  Now she shares the list she originally made for her friends in this unique e-book.

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Product Description

As Sally freely admits, “I eat more than anyone else I know”.

She is living proof it’s not how much you eat, but what you eat. These snacks are delicious and, more importantly, filling and satisfying. This collection is an unbiased gem full of quick ‘n’ easy, sweet and savoury suggestions that Sally regularly consumes.

The grab and go section is especially ideal for anyone struggling to find enough hours in the day.  Find out which chocolate biscuits Sally eats every day, the best low GI and low GL fruits, the healthy snack that tastes like a “Snickers” bar and novel new ways to devour your Weetbix!

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