Supermarket Solutions for People Who’d Love to Lose Weight

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Are you confused by the claims on food labels?

Do you know how to make the right food choices to support your weight loss?

Even in the supermarket where you are surrounded by choice and misleading marketing claims?

Now you can revolutionise your shopping and eating with Sally’s guided Supermarket Solutions Tour and handy printed guide.

This tour gives you all the information you need to successfully navigate the supermarket shelves, including handy hits for simple and nutritious meals and snacks as well as practical steps to achieving the weight loss mindset.

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Sally’s Supermarket Solutions Tour and pocket guide is the ultimate personal shopper for your health: convenient, practical, and full of need-to-know information. Don’t go to the checkout without it!

“My guide tells you how to cut through the minefield of misinformation food retailers and manufacturers feed us today,” reveals Sally. “It gives you quick and easy recipe ideas, tips on how to decipher food labels, and advice about how to eat healthily without losing time or money.”

This tour will help you work out what’s going to work best for you on a physical, practical and psychological level and thus enable you to learn how to lose weight… and keep it off.

Product Includes:

1. 17 minute Supermarket Solutions Tour video that shows you how to win your weight loss war against the supermarkets
2. Full video transcript for easy reference
3. 17 page guide that helps you make the right food choices, understand deceptive food labels and confidently put your new knowledge into practice

Product Format:

Please note that this product is a digital download. A link to watch the video and print the guide will be be emailed to you immediately after payment occurs.