The Top 25 Exercise Tips and Equipment You Need To Start Losing Weight Today

the top 25 exercise tips and equipment you need to start losing weight today

The Top 25 Exercise Tips and Equipment You Need To Start Losing Weight Today


the top 25 exercise tips and equipment you need to start losing weight today


It’s nearly that time of year again – time to start thinking about all the things we can resolve to improve about ourselves and our lives once the clock ticks past midnight on 31 December. Is losing weight on your list yet again? Then you need to read these Top 25 Exercise Tips and Equipment You Need To Start Losing Weight Today…

Losing weight and getting fit is surely one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions around; for many people, it’s also the one that’s most likely to fail. So how can you be sure you’ll stick with your best New Year’s intentions?

Well if you want to lose weight and tone up, but can’t bring yourself to join a gym, then why not consider creating a home exercise space instead? Gone are the days of ugly, bulky machines that only allow a limited range of exercises, and end up as expensive ironing racks! With a few pieces of key equipment and a little imagination, you’ll have all the benefits of a regular gym without the smells, sweat, and stress.


  1. Weight Vest

Why: Wear it while walking (or even just cleaning the house) to really ramp up your weight loss. It’s also a clever way to add extra weight while doing more traditional exercises such as squats and lunges.

Cost: $130


Walking With a Weight Vest

Walking With a Weight Vest


  1. Resistance Band

Why: Resistance bands are extremely versatile pieces of equipment that can work every major muscle group of the body. They’re also fantastic for travel because they’re lightweight and compact.

Cost: Anywhere from $5 to $35.


  1. BOSU

You’ll never be bored on a BOSU (which stands for “both sides can be utilized”). They’re great for cardio, mind/body exercises such as Pilates, strength training, and core work. Any floor exercise can be done on a BOSU, so it’s a great tool for varying your routine and helping you lose weight.

Cost: Approximately $180

Tip: When you start out, position your BOSU next to something sturdy so you can hold on until you find your ‘bosu-legs”.

  1. freeForm

A relative newcomer to the fitness market place, the freeFORM is a cross between a Swiss ball, a BOSU, and a sliding disc. It builds muscular endurance and cardio and aerobic fitness. It’s also heaps of fun—not many pieces of exercise equipment let you unleash your inner Michael Jackson or secret skateboarding fantasies while you work out!

Cost: $320


  1. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are the massage you can give yourself when you don’t have time for a massage. They’re great for releasing tension through your back, neck, and shoulders, and are a soothing tonic for the legs after too many squats and lunges. While primarily designed for myofascial release (which increases circulation and lymphatic drainage—cellulite, beware!), they’re also sensational for general stretching and strength routines.

Cost: Approximately $28


With the right equipment, your home gym can be a place where you can get creative and challenge yourself physically and mentally. It’s also a great way to escape the pressures of daily life, exercise away all your worries, and keep your weight loss motivation strong.


Me with my favourite pieces of exercise equipment!!!

Me with my favourite pieces of exercise equipment!!!


It’s All About The Shoes!!!

  1. How to Chose the Right Trainers to Start Losing Weight Today



Did you know that different fitness activities may need different shoes? It’s important to choose the right trainers for what you’re doing. For example, if you plan on running, buy shoes that provide heavy support at the front of shoe because that’s where your foot strikes the ground when you run.


A popular type of shoe is a “cross trainer.” Cross trainers are great “everything” shoes but not ideal for a specific sport or activity. Avoid purchasing cross trainers as your primary training sneakers because they won’t give you the full support you need for your workout.


Tips on selecting the right trainers


  • Forget fashion! Don’t pick out trainers just because you like the colours (leave that for your dancing shoes!).
  • Have your foot professionally measured at the shoe store every time you go shopping. Our feet change as we get older, and having your feet professionally measured will ensure you’re getting the best fit.
  • Make sure you’re wearing the right socks when trying on trainers.
  • Look for trainers that have a firm heel, solid support and are light weight. Tip: You should not be able to bend your trainer in half!
  • If you plan on participating in a sport more than two times a week, invest in a pair of shoes specific to that sport (e.g. basketball or tennis shoes).
  • Ideally go to a podiatrist, and get a video walking and running analysis. An analysis will determine the causes for painful foot conditions. The podiatrist will evaluate your gait in slow motion, looking for poor foot and leg alignment that may impact your foot, knee, hip and back posture.



Incidental Exercise Tips You Need To Start Losing Weight Today


Incidental exercise (the type you can just incorporate into your everyday life) is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy weight. The best type of incidental exercise takes up hardly any time, because we can do it at the same time as other important daily tasks. Now, In theory, we’d all love to park that little bit further away when we go shopping or get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way when we catch the bus, but we’re usually too busy to take that extra time. The good news is, studies show that people who are fit and healthy are 30% more productive than their unfit, unhealthy counterparts—so a fitter and healthier you can mean an extra 50+ hours in your week. But you have to get there first. Remember, small changes + time = big results that are likely to be sustainable, forever. So here are some great anywhere, anytime exercises that are designed to fit even the busiest of schedules!

  1. DuraDisc Sit


Where: In your home office or at work

Works: Core strength, posture

Steps: Place a duraDisc on the seat of your chair and sit directly on top of it, making sure you keep your stomach drawn in the entire time you’re sitting down. Make sure you maintain good posture.

Note: Ease into it or you’ll be sore! Aim for 30 minutes on day one and gradually increase the time frame as days go by.



  1. Laundry Wrist Weights


Where: In the laundry and when you hang out washing

Works: Shoulder muscles, core strength, arms

Steps: Wrap wrist weights around your wrists while you sort your laundry, load and unload your washing machine and hang things on the line.

Laundry Wrist Weights

Laundry Wrist Weights

  1. One-legged Crane Pick-up


Where: Cleaning the house

Works: Core, hamstrings, glutes

Steps: Stand on one leg, and while keeping your posture, tilt at the hips and bring your chest towards the ground. As you go down, swing your other leg out behind you. Reverse the movement to return to the start position.

Note: Start doing this every time you need to pick something up off the ground and it soon becomes a great healthy habit that’s just effortlessly aids in your weight loss and general fitness.


Say Goodbye to Boring Exercises

Say Goodbye to Boring Exercises


  1. Couch Push ups


Where: Anywhere there’s a surface that’s between hip and chest height

Works: Core strength, chest, arms, shoulders

Steps: Start standing with your hands and feet shoulder width apart. Your body should be in perfect alignment throughout. Stand several steps away from the couch / kitchen bench / back of car etc. Lower yourself by bending your elbows out to the side until your arms reach 90 degrees. At the end of the movement your nipples should be almost touching the surface. Squeeze your pecs (chest muscles) as you push up and straighten your arms out.

Note: Make this a ritual every time you pop the kettle on to boil and you’ll soon see a lot more perk in more ways than one!

Couch Push Ups

Couch Push Ups

The No-Gym Guide to Strength Training Without Exercise Equipment So You Can Start Losing Weight Today


Strength training is one of best ways to lose weight (and keep it off!) because it helps boost your metabolism. One kilogram of muscle requires three times as many calories to exist in your body as one kilogram of fat. That means you can eat three times as much and not gain weight!


Strength training doesn’t have to include weights or dumbbells. You can use your body weight for effective strength training. Standard body weight exercises include squats, lunges, planks, pull ups, dips and pushups. Here are a few exercises to help you get started:

  1. Technique Squats

Start position:

Stand in front of a chair or step about as high as the back of your knee.  Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and “break” at the knee so there is a slight bend in your knee when you stand upright (don’t lock your knees). Draw your abs in.



Make sure you have your abs drawn in to support yourself. Leading with your hips, lower yourself down slowly and with control, Bend at your knees, and lower your hips back and down until your knees are at 90 degrees, or until you touch the chair behind you.  You must control the movement through the heels of your feet, making sure they remain completely flat throughout the exercise. Exhale as you come out of the 90-degree position and rise back up to the start position.


  1. Push Up

Start position:

Start in a normal push-up position, either up on your toes or on your knees. Make sure you draw your stomach in to support your core.



Bend your elbows laterally out to the side as you lower yourself down to at least 90 degrees at the elbow joint. Pressing through your chest, push yourself back up and straighten out your arms.


  1. Basic Plank

Start position:

Prepare for a plank by lying face down, and placing your elbows and forearms beneath your chest.



To lift into a plank, lift yourself up on to your elbows and toes (or knees if you are a beginner) so that your body forms a bridge position. If you’re new to doing planks, try to hold your position for ten seconds, gradually increasing as your fitness improves. When you’re holding the position, focus on keeping your abs tight and not letting your hips and back sag. Your back should be flat, so that the top of your body forms one long line.


  1. Side Plank

Start position:

Lie on your side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up by placing your elbow directly under you shoulder with your forearm out and forward.



Raise your hips and brace your core. Keep your neck neutral and hold this position for a desired amount of time, then lower yourself back down and change sides.


  1. Need more weight?


Your house, back yard or local park is full of things to lift, press or pull. Consider milk bottle filled with water or sand, canned goods from your pantry, a bar stool, chair or coffee table, wheelbarrow, pot plants, piles of books or magazines or even try front squatting with your youger kids (the giggles will resonant in your ears for days afterwards!)


  1. Get more adventurous with strength training


Ready to be a little more adventurous with your strength training? Here are some ways to “kick it up a notch:”


  • Anything on sand with tyres
  • Battle ropes
  • Monkey bars
  • Rock climbing
  • Sand bags
  • Hiking
  • Partner resistance training
  • Handstands
  • Cartwheels
  • Yoga
  • Build a garden
  • Home renovations


As evident from the activities listed above, strength training can be a lot of fun! Remember: if you have fun while exercising, you’re more prone to keep at it! Experiment with different types of strength training and mix it up for maximum results. By adding strength training to your exercise regimen, you’ll soon see fantastic results!


More Noteworthy Exercise Equipment You Need To Start Losing Weight Today

  1. The Fithoop

What do Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Obama, Marisa Tomei and January Jones all have in common? They all swear by hula hooping to get fit and have fun. The fithoop adds a new dimension to this age-old exercise by adding weight. It’s only 1.2kg – but it won’t take you long to notice the difference. And it really works! A recent study by the American Council on Exercise revealed that working out with a weighted hula hoop burns about as many calories per minute as step aerobics or boot camp – but it’s heaps more fun! Great for your abs, back, posture and flexibility, it’s also got a big cardio kick that’ll soon have you puffing (in between all the laughing of course!)




  1. The Xrslide

This simple but effective device consists of two independent plastic platforms, each with a highly developed arch design, which let you add a ‘slide’ motion to most well-known exercises. This allows your body to complete the same movement, but with greater flexibility and range of motion, which makes you work harder and get better results. Xrslides are lightweight, portable and great for travelling. They’re also extremely versatile and can be used for all kinds of exercises, including lunges, push ups and ab roll outs.

  1. The CrossCore 180

Up for something a little more challenging? You can’t go past the CrossCore 180. It was originally called the ‘war machine’ and developed for training US Military forces. I think you get the idea! The CrossCore is a suspension training device that lets you increase the challenge and intensity of various exercises with ease (well, not so much ease really!)


Now, it’s time to talk about the really important bit…

The Weight Loss Mindset Tips You Need To Know To Start Losing Weight Today


  1. Don’t set a SMART goal!


One of the most popular ‘rules’ of weight loss is to set a SMART goal. But goals are often actually self-limiting. They restrict you to only aiming for what you think or hope you can achieve, but everyone is capable of so much more than they ever realise. It was Michelangelo who said that the greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and hit.MART goals are really just an extension of the common assumption in today’s society that if you set a goal, you’re much more likely to achieve it. The basic problem with this assumption is that it’s precisely that – an assumption. Actually, it’s more of an urban myth arising from the “Yale Goal Study”, wherein a group of researchers allegedly interviewed the 1953 graduating class of Yale and asked them whether or not they’d written down ten specific goals they wanted to achieve in life. Twenty years later, the researchers supposedly tracked all these people down (remember this was in pre-Internet times) and found that the 3% who had committed their goals to paper were wealthier than the remaining 97% of their classmates combined. What a fantastic feat – if it were true. While the study is frequently cited in self-help books, in 2007, Fast Company writer Lawrence Tabak set himself the task of proving its authenticity. Unfortunately, none of the class of 1953, nor any of the writers who had ever cited the study, were able to provide any evidence that it had actually taken place.


50 Mindset Hacks For Weight Loss That Lasts Forever

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  1. If you want to control your weight, stop counting your calories.

Calories are easy to understand, which is why they’ve become so popular, but they aren’t a reliable guide to weight loss. A calorie is the amount of heat needed to raise one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. The calorie composition of food used to be measured by setting the food on fire and seeing how well the flame warmed a big tub of water. However, the body isn’t a big tub of water.

The body handles sources of calories differently. For example, for every 100 grams of carbs you consume, you body uses 5 – 10% of those in digestion. It’s slightly less with fat. With protein, your body uses 20 – 30 % of its intake for digestion.

Counting calories is counterproductive. Instead, focus on what nutrients you put in your body.

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

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  1. If you want to really succeed, keep your weight loss journey to yourself.

Studies show that people who verbalise their goals end up with an inflated self-image that makes them less hard-working and less likely to achieve their goals.

Think about something you want to achieve: imagine how good it will feel when you’ve done it and how great people will say you are. Don’t you feel awesome? It almost feels as good as doing the task. It’s called a social reality—your brain can’t distinguish between what you do and what you’re told to do. So telling people your goals actually tricks you into feeling that you’ve already achieved them. As a result, you end up putting less effort into actually achieving them.



  1. If you want to make a giant weight loss leap, take it step by step.

Studies show a stepped-up approach to weight loss is just as effective as the traditional “all or nothing approaches.”

Consider this:

100% effort x 3 weeks = 300% results

80% effort x 5 weeks = 400% results

25% effort x 25 weeks = 625% results

And if you do something for 25 weeks (that’s 6 months of the year) and then continue that approach forever, you just made a lifestyle change and barely noticed! A stepped-up approach makes things easier to handle, and helps you make lasting changes while sustaining your interest in the task at hand. Always leave yourself wanting more; that way, you’ll keep coming back again and again.



  1. Most importantly, forget what you think you know about weight loss.

All those commonly touted rules about setting goals, following plans, and counting calories only set you up to fail – what’s more important is finding your motivation, and making small, consistent changes to your habits that can last you a lifetime. Remember, it’s your body and your life, and you’re the one in control!



  1. JUST DO IT!!!

You get out of weight loss what you put in. No one else can lose the weight for you! (Even me… believe me I would if I could… I loved losing weight!!!! I’d love to be able to do it all again!!!)

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