What’s the M-Plan and Can it Help You Lose Weight?

Diets are a peculiar thing. They seemingly sway in and out of favor each year. The growing demand for health-conscious eating results in new diets forming all of the time. The M-Plan is no exception. It is a relatively new meal plan that is rooted in the idea of replacing a meal of the day with a mushroom-based alternative. The plan is steadily growing in popularity, rivaling some of the biggest diet trends of 2018. But what makes it so appealing is the fact that you can use it alongside other beneficial diets. Keto Report highlights the tremendous weight loss potential of the Keto Diet – a healthy lifestyle meal plan that promotes high-fat, low-carb intake. Pairing the M-Plan with the Keto Diet may deliver efficient weight loss results. But, how exactly does the M-Plan work? What is it and can it really support weight loss? Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne vouch for its effectiveness. Furthermore, they suggest that results can be seen within a mere 14 days. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary meal plan and understand what it can do for you!

What is the M-Plan?

The M-Plan is more widely known as the Mushroom Diet. For all the shroom fanatics and vegetarians/vegans alike, this might just be the best diet for you! But, hold up. Eating only mushrooms doesn’t sound entirely appealing, does it? Well, the diet doesn’t actually call for followers to consume only mushrooms. Rather, the whole idea of this diet is to cut out a single generally unhealthy meal of the day and replace it with a mushroom-based one instead. The aim of the diet is to encourage rapid weight loss in the thigh and waist areas. However, it does not promote weight loss in the bust area. This is another draw in for many followers.

Does it Actually Live Up to Claims?

The Mushroom Diet has become an internet phenomenon. While its prominence is apparent, there doesn’t appear to be copious amounts of sources punting it to the public. In this way, it is different from something like the Atkins Diet. The Atkins Diet is a widely known eating plan which involves cutting out carbohydrates. It has its own website with information about it. You can purchase books and merchandise for it. There are gym programmes which encourage it. The Atkins Diet has become something akin to a brand in its own right, while the Mushroom Diet is still in its early development as a global dietary movement. For this reason, many people question whether or not it actually works. While the Mushroom Diet may not have extensive scientific studies detailing its exact ability to promote weight loss, mushrooms themselves do. In order to understand how the M-Plan lives up to claims, we need to take a look at the benefits of consuming mushrooms.

The Benefits of Mushrooms

Nutritional Value

Mushrooms are jam-packed with valuable nutrients. They contain high levels of fiber and protein which are both imperative for the ideal functioning of the body. Furthermore, they provide essential B vitamins, selenium, potassium, copper and vitamin D. These vitamins and minerals are vital for the body. Receiving them counters nutritional deficiencies which would otherwise hinder one’s ability to lose weight. Mushrooms also contain a very low caloric count which makes them a great alternative to traditional calorie-dense foods. The fact that they are flavorsome and texturally appealing has led them to becoming one of the most popular meat-substitutes for vegans and vegetarians.

Better Digestion

Mushrooms are a prebiotic – meaning they contain good bacteria which is beneficial for the gut. Furthermore, their ability to regulate levels of the microbiome beneficial bacteria does wonder for your digestive system. Improvements in digestive health can support an individual’s weight loss efforts.

Reduced Appetite

Mushrooms possess the power to reduce one’s appetite and increase satiety (the feeling of being full). This is because of the fact that they contain the important dietary fibers beta-glucans and chitin. As a result, eating mushrooms may combat common contributors to weight gain.

In Saying So

We have outlined only a few of the wonderful benefits of consuming mushrooms. There are many more reasons why you should be purchasing more of them and incorporating them into your meals. The M-Plan brings this notion into action, asking followers to counter the calories with a mushroom-based meal. By following this diet, you can support your weight loss efforts. While evidence may not highlight its ability to prove effective within 14 days of use, the benefits cannot be ignored. We expect to see growing studies into the M-Plan’s ability to deliver optimal weight loss results. Especially alongside another healthy diet and positive lifestyle changes!

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