What’s Your Health and Fitness Truth?

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein has an interesting job. She helps people create their businesses in a way that is a true extension of who they are as people. Their unique personal passions and skills are re-directed into their businesses, thus enabling them to be more successful and satisfied in their career. She calls it living your truth. But this is exactly what can be done in relation to your health and fitness as well. Finding the true way to live a healthy life, under your own terms, is all about finding a way to live in harmony with the rest of your beliefs and behaviours. It’s an adventure, an exploration, a challenge. Not many people think of health and fitness in relation to their overall philosophy to life. Throughout my journey from fat to fit I’ve learnt to engage in healthy behaviours using everyone from Lacan to the Romantic poets, Aristotle to Steve Waugh. Everyone has belief systems and thought processes that shape who they are and how they live. Being able to tap into these inner resources and use them as a way to help motivate and relate to healthy living is one of the keys to achieving a healthy life without too much extra effort.

health and fitness truth

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